How do I convert YouTube mp4 to mp3 on the desktop?

Introduction; Mp4 To Mp3

This is a known fact that we are living in a world of our own choice, that is evolving very fast. With this fast world, we are now in the era of the internet. On an internet voice is one of the main sources of communication. With evolution, the world is now evolving in terms of devices as well. Some devices play support one format other support the other, whereas some devices support both the formats.

Now with a mind like this one can have a question that what if someone needs a specific format for a specific device. Conversion of format is the answer to this question, very easy and simple steps can give you your required format, so you can have what your device support or what you want. MP4 is one of the most used formats nowadays.

Similarly, mp4 to mp3 is also a familiar format. People many times need to convert MP4 files to mp3 format. For this purpose, there are many online tools and offline converters through which this can be done. In this article, we will know how to convert mp4 to mp3 on a desktop.

How to convert a file of mp4 to mp3 format

There are many tools available, but YTD is an efficient and smart one. YouTube Downloader is a desktop compatible software, which assists its users in converting formats of sounds on desktop. 

Just follow these simple steps and you have the mp3 version of your mp4 file within a blink of an eye.

  • This software is easily available on the internet, you can download it for free with full features
  • Once it is downloaded, install the tool on your device
  • Get into this tool, you see a very managed GUI
  • There are four main categories or options, Download, Convert, Activity, Play
  • In the conversion option, you can convert any video with many quality options within a blink of an eye
  • Activity shows the progress of download or conversion activity

Some important features of YTD

  1. Free of cost is the basic requirement of any user as most of the users are students who do not want to pay for most of their work. The first priority is always a free tool so the job can be done without paying a single penny to anyone.
  2. Easy to use is another good side of YTD, with the best user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), YTD is one the most asked-for software for this purpose.
  3. There is no email registration or login type pre-requisite for YTD.
  4. No extra supportive software is required for this downloader
  5. The extra feature of conversion of video to any format is also available in this downloader

Why YTD?

Conversion of Youtube mp4 to mp3 is not a big deal, the most important part is the quality of the converted file. Nowadays there are many conversion software, but they do not generate the needed file of mp3. Shoddy results are not the requirement of users in the end. For those who understand the technical side of conversion, file compression needs to be handled properly.